The Performance Shooting Equipment

How to Order

  1. To be able ordering from TSK UK you need to submit an Enquiry regarding the product you would like to order.
  2. You will receive a quote with all the details requested and a link to the Order Form.
  3. For the TSK Stocks you need to provide some measurements required to build your stock and on the Order Form there are pictures how to take these measurements. (very simple).
  4. We will check your order and if there are any mistake we will rectified and send you the Order Confirmation with an Invoice attached to proceed for payment.
  5. As soon we will receive your payment we will process your order and base on the delivery time on that period we will keep you updated on the developments.
  6. When your order is ready we will contact you to advise when it will be ship to you directly.
Thank you from TSK UK